1 / Exceptional delivery for recovery after Covid-19:

Tourist tax and free parking for direct bookings on our site.

– A drink of your choice according to the time of arrival: mint tea, fruit juice + an aperitif included in the dinner price, (aperitif not valid for paragraph 2, if below).

The rooms will be garnished with flowers or a fruit platter depending on the season.
If possible, depending on the reservation date and if you confirm and pay in advance, we will upgrade you with our 3 rooms on the terrace or the suite on the 1st floor. In the event of cancellation, we will keep the sum “to have”, if you postpone your reservation or we will reimburse you.

2 / Rental of the RIAD with family or friends: prices valid until February 2021.

We suggest that you rent the entire Riad at a flat rate for a maximum of 16 adults or their children.

For 2 nights: The price in BB, 5,600 dh. With a guide for 1 day.
You can order meals at 100 dh / person, 70 dh / child up to 5 years.
The staff includes a reservation manager, a waiter, a cook, a night watchman.

3 / Hike with picnic at the locals’ or in the wilderness according to the seasons with an official guide:

We have selected the best places for our customers, with beautiful views. Our routes are chosen according to the seasons and according to the crowds of the site. Our hikes are adapted to the level of the clientele, their physical form, the climate. The seasons allow us to vary the proposals: picking olives in December, making olive oil in the traditional press at the end of December, plowing using a wooden plow and one or two donkeys, from November to March depending on the crops, landscape of almond trees in bloom in January, barley and wheat harvest in late April to June and swimming in the river from late May to September.

Price for 2 people, 4 to 5 h. : 500 dh.
If you have rented the entire Riad: contact us, it depends on the number of people, the guide’s availability, the seasons and the weather.

4 / Quad circuits:

3 quads are available for hire with an instructor. The rental and reservations of the 3 quads are done through us, but billing is done by the rental company for insurance reasons. (Reservations with confirmation in advance)

A) Short circuits.

Rates, 1 hour: Visit to the medieval village of Taner-Melt: an ancient earthen village clinging to the steep slopes of the surrounding mountains, viewpoint over the Ouzoud waterfalls. Introduction to driving a Quad.
Prices, 2 hours: 350 dh, pilot person. 500 dh for 2 people on the same quad.

B) Long circuits:

Price: 3 hours: 450 dh Driver + 150 dh with a person on the same quad.
This means of transport will allow you to visit magnificent places.

C) Atlas circuits:

Longer circuits: Example 1 night, 2 days 2900 dh, the pilot (confirmed) and his passenger. 4 people minimum, 6 people maximum. 4X4 assistance possible. Customers will need to provide a valid driver’s license. The landscapes are impressive and the tracks very little practiced, crossing rivers and remote villages on the heights of the mountains. Picnics during the tour, traditional meals with the locals in the evening and sleeping at the inn.

5 / Visit of the lake of Ben-El Ouidane at 1h30 from the Riad.

Circuit by taxi or with your rental vehicle by our loop routes.

We have 2 circuits:

A) By roads: which allow you to visit the region with superb views on the way there and back.
With a taxi from the Riad, we order the taxi.
5 hour tour, with a 1 hour stop on site.
Possibility of picnic on site.

It is possible to rent a Dacia type vehicle for the day, delivery on site, in front of the Riad. 5 people maximum. For that you have to book in advance.
Price: 500 dh for 2 people.

B) 4X4 circuit, roads and tracks.

With your vehicle, with or without a driver. We will provide a guide who can accompany you and if necessary prepare a picnic on request. A 4X4 allows simple tours of half a day or a full day with impressive views and breathtaking landscapes. We know places protected from mass tourism and yet surprisingly beautiful. For this we choose the guide and the driver of the 4X4 must follow our instructions. Too many professionals simplify their circuits to preserve their 4X4 vehicle and reduce their working time. We do not impose our contacts, but be careful with your rental companies. We know the tracks and small tarmac roads around our house and we guarantee our choices. All our direct customers leave satisfied and if they come back, it is simply because we have taken the time to take care of them, to listen to them and that we adapt to their personality.

These circuits pass through unspoiled landscapes of concrete constructions, through tracks that cross hills covered with almond blossoms in January, wheat and barley fields in spring. Just before crossing the small passes, the Atlas appears with the last snow shining in the sun on the peaks. On the other side, the Tabia valley