Instructions regarding Covid 19 according to the government rules in force when you book.


We thought that last minute and overnight bookings would not allow us to prepare the rooms properly. We need more time to disinfect the rooms, clean the linen and follow the work of the staff.

It is important and preferable that customers book in advance so that we can prepare their rooms as best as possible regarding precautions against Covid19. Staff need more time. We will do our best to provide the rooms before 3:00 p.m. We are counting on our customers to vacate the rooms at 11:00 a.m. We will limit the number of reservations to 5 rental rooms out of the 9 available rooms to avoid the distances and crowdedness between the customer base. On the other hand, for groups that can confirm with a document, family for example, we can rent the entire Riad. (Subject to the agreement of the authorities at the time of your request).

The personnel will be equipped with protections, gloves, visors or masks according to the government directives in force on the date of reservations.
We will provide gel to disinfect the hands. In addition, we ask our customers to provide themselves with all the protections necessary to protect themselves and to respect the distances vis-à-vis the clientele present and vis-à-vis the staff.

Breakfast and meals can be served in our different spaces, patio, garden terrace on the ground floor, lounge on the ground floor or on the 1st floor. It will be easier for us to prepare the tables and respect the distances, if we know the times of the arrivals in the dining room. The tables will be chosen by us and the customers, then prepared for everyone’s arrival with respect for distances and maximum hygiene.

If necessary we will make our bread to avoid many uncontrolled manipulations from the bakery to the delivery of the bread. For meals, the entrees will be cooked and the fruits will be washed in white vinegar.